- New Dream Material in the 21st Century (Widely Applications to the Scientific Areas)

     : Aerospace, Bio-engineering, Energy, Medical and Medicine, Electronic, Computer, Security
        & Safety

   - Single & Multi-walled Nanotube : Tubular Material with a Hexagonal Honeycomb Structure

   - Good Electric Conductivity & Mechanical Strength, High Efficient Hydrogen Storage,
     Outstanding in Chemical Stability

   - Low Cost & High Productivity


Process (Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition)


TEM & SEM Image



   - Electron Emitter : FED(Field Emission Display), VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display),
      White Light Source

   - Shielding Materials : Electro-magnetic Interference(EMI), Electro-static Discharge(ESD)

   - Carbon Semiconductor : Terabit DRAM Device

   - Power Source : Rechargeable Battery, Hydrogen Storage, Fuel Cell Electrode

   - Mechatronics(Nanoscale Tools) : Nano Wire, Nano Pipet, Nano Capsule, Nano Tweezer




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